How do I book a cruise?

Please contact the cruise line directly. The Port does not have the ability to book cruises.

   Can you buy last-minute cruise tickets at the Port itself?

You cannot book cruise tickets at the Port. However, you can book directly with the cruise line up until the day of the cruise, if rooms are available.

   Where is the best place for Carnival and Disney passengers to park?

The Erato Street Cruise Terminal Parking Garage, located at 1100 Port of New Orleans Place, New Orleans, LA 70130.

   Where is the best place for Norwegian and Royal Caribbean passengers to park?

The Julia Street parking lot (Whale Lot), located adjacent to the Julia Street Cruise Terminal. Guests are encouraged to drop off their luggage at the terminal before parking.

   How much is it to park a regular-size vehicle?

At the Erato Street Cruise Terminal: Parking costs: 4 day parking is $100; 5 day parking is $125 and 7 day parking is $175.

At the Julia Street Cruise Terminal: Parking costs 4 day parking is $100; 5 day parking is $125 and 7 day parking is $175

Passengers will be charged parking based on the number of days of the cruise, e.g., 7-day cruises will be charged 7 days of parking.

Please call Ann Hanks at 504-528-3318 for parking rates over 7 days and/or if you have a back-to-back cruise.

   Do you need a parking reservation?

Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. However, reservations are not needed since cruise passengers are guaranteed a parking space in one of the Port’s facilities.

   Is there free handicapped parking and/or free disabled veterans parking?

The Port of New Orleans is not able to provide free handicapped parking at this time.

The Port does provide free cruise terminal parking (up to 7 days) for disabled Veterans that meet certain requirements. The requirements for free parking include the following: the disabled Veteran must have at least a fifty percent service-connected disability and prove their status.

  • Acceptable documentation can be a VA letter, DV license plate, or other documentation that shows the disabled Veterans percentage.
  • If you are not able to provide the proper documentation upon arrival, the Port will not be able to offer you free parking.
  • Please note, free parking is only available to disabled Veterans and does not apply to families or spouses of the disabled Veteran.
  • The boarding pass will need to show the name of the disabled Veteran AND the disabled Veteran must be present.
  • If you have multiple cars but only one person in your party qualifies, you will only receive one free parking space.

   Whom can I call for lost luggage?

Cruise passengers who need to make inquiries for lost luggage in the terminal may contact 504.304.0157 for Carnival and Royal Caribbean; and passengers may call 504.587.1669 for Norwegian.

   Is there a baggage transfer service or a place to store my luggage before or after my cruise?

There is an operator at the cruise terminal that can handle your luggage needs. For more information and rates, call 504.471.0080.

   Are there shops at the cruise terminals?

There is a Refreshment Stand serving coffee, soft drinks, assorted sweets and other snacks and sundries, and Souvenir and Curio Stand featuring New Orleans keepsakes, forgotten personal items and an ATM.

   Does Carnival, Disney, Norwegian or Royal Caribbean have a home office at the Port?

No. The Port turns the terminal over to the cruise line on the day of the cruise only. Passengers will need to contact the cruise line directly for payments, refunds, etc.