The Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans is created by Act 70 of the Louisiana Legislature.



Policing authority is granted to the Board of Commissioners by Act 36 of the Louisiana Legislature.


The various departments of the Port’s police force are combined under the one division of the Docks Department to form the Harbor Police Department. Prior to this unification, the Port’s police force was divided into several units under various departments at the Port. At one time, the Port paid the New Orleans Police Department an annual sum of $12,500 to police the docks.


Louisiana Legislative Act 101 grants full policing powers to HPD.


The Louisiana State Merit System of Civil Service becomes operative and the Board of Commissioners place the members of HPD under Civil Service.


HPD names its first Chief of Police, Chief L.H. Deutschmann.


The department adds patrol and rescue boats. The vessels remain in service today for rescue missions, enforcement of Louisiana’s fishing and shrimping laws, as well as homeland security patrols.


HPD becomes part of the Louisiana State Police Computer System. This system links the department to other states for motor vehicle information and is also linked to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center computer network. The system allows instantaneous access to warrants, criminal history and law enforcement information on a national and international level.


The HPD Criminal Investigations Division is established.


HPD appoints Edwin G. Pritchard, Jr. as Chief of Police.


The Harbor Police Academy is created and granted Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) accreditation as a certified basic training academy for law enforcement officers. The Harbor Police Academy is one of 22 POST certified academies in the State of Louisiana. In addition to HPD recruits, the academy trains recruits for the Orleans Levee Board, Crescent City Connection, St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office, other Louisiana Sheriff’s Offices and Police Departments as well as officers from universities and colleges in the metropolitan New Orleans area.


HPD becomes mobilized with officers patrolling their assigned areas in police vehicles, covered scooters, bicycles and patrol boats.


HPD appoints Jimmy J. Jones as Chief of Police.


HPD appoints Joseph S. Cannatella, Jr. as Chief of Police.


HPD appoints Archie T. Ben as Chief of Police.


HPD appoints Major Malcolm McGee as Interim Police Chief.


HPD appoints Robert S. Hecker as Chief of Police.



The HPD Bicycle Patrol begins on May 10, 2017. The designated patrol area is from Henderson to Governor Nichols.